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What is the life coach and benefits of life coaching.

Today it seems that in every corner of the Internet we can find coaches and life coach of all kinds, from those who teach you how to earn money online, to people who claim to be professionals in the field of health, beauty or social networks, including people who offer its services as guides for those who are willing to pay a certain amount of money to obtain certain results with respect to many subjects that are too many to mention them all, this depends on what each person is looking for, of this enormous growth that it offers. A variety of supposed coaches makes us wonder: who can we trust? And who is just behind our money?

In the following article, I will mention exactly what you need to know about a life coach, its benefits, how it came about, the actions of a life coach, what a life coach is about and even how to know which would be the best life coach for you.

What is the life coach?

life coach

It is a new profession, which provides the necessary tools so that the client realizes what prevents him from progressing with internal and personal problems, to obtain a greater projection to resolve his interpersonal relationships and improve in the workplace, it also serves to propose a goal and more objectives to achieve. Life coaches often use many psychological, social and even medical tools to achieve the goal of whoever requires this life coach.

Life Coaching pursues the welfare of people in a job and personal environment, works with individual objectives and needs, life projects, self-motivation and different strategies for change.

Unfortunately, many professionals pose as coaches, when in reality they do not have any accreditation or experience in this field.

My general advice is to analyze well with whom the training process will begin, to invest a little time in investigating the subject, because it will grant you your money and illusions, in the search of your development and personnel.

Remember that your process of personal change and growth is as vital as taking care of your health or your body. Do not leave it in the hands of intruders, guide yourself through your intuition, investigate beforehand and demand above all a serious and professional treatment.

These are some tips to keep in mind when deciding to look for a life coach.

  1. First of all, you must be sure that a life coach is what you are looking for. A coach is often confused with other related professions, such as a mentor or therapist.

  2. After seeing if what you need is a life coach and not just a therapist you should determine their training, verify if they are well trained or even certified.

  3. Each life coach works differently according to their personality and previous training. Some coaching sessions are very rigorous, organized and structured, while others are more permissive, open and free. Some coaches tend to be warmer and give constant support to their clients, while others can be more conflictive and challenge their clients.

  4. Make a consultation with the coach. Most life coaches will offer a free consultation. This is an excellent way to determine if the coach is a good choice and if your style is right for what you are looking for. This way you can know how safe and comfortable you feel with him or her. Ask yourself do you feel comfortable? If you do not feel comfortable with your coach, they probably cannot help you properly.

  5. The budget, of course, is a very important factor when choosing your coach.

History, origin, development of life coaching.

life coach

The word coach to been around the world for many years, many philosophical thinkers like Socrates implemented important aspects that today many coaches use. For the philosophers, a trainee was associated with the questioner and help to tell or extract the light or, failing that, the best of a person, train it and help it reach its objectives.

We can mention that even Nietzsche can be considered as a coach and more when it is used in the art of a life coach, the help or the aspects to be taken into account in order to understand and realize ourselves is one of the fundamental kisses to the time to highlight those actions that a life coach uses to achieve personal improvement and improvement.

We can include the psychological part, the language that is used is very humanistic and covers many concepts from the part of consciousness to reach the liberation of human potential, the Gestalt is also used a lot in the aspects of life coaches, theories evolutionary some even consider that it is best to use these concepts from childhood to achieve greater success.

For about 50 years, perhaps a little more this word “coach” has managed to be used not only in sporting aspects as at the beginning, not 30 to 20 years ago, but the word “coach” also attaches itself to many aspects of life or other areas of a person’s life.

In short, a coach or in this case a life coach, has been employed for many years thanks to great philosophers, but it was not a few decades ago that he achieved more prominence in the community, his goal is to get people without purposes, people without goals or people who do not have the necessary tools to meet the parameters established for your life have the form and know correctly how to get and how to achieve and meet all those life goals, those actions or appropriate mechanisms to achieve success.

It is not uncommon to investigate or read about the history or principles of the coach many important aspects of human study have been the pioneers of this word and this profession in which contribute a variety of theories and research to promote and help the optimal development of the to be human or in this case of a person that I needed or trusted in a life coach.

Benefits of life coaching.

life coaching

Life Coaching helps the client to think differently from what he was already doing, to realize that he has skills that the client did not know, through dynamics that help him achieve his goals and take into account the number of opportunities that exist in addition to those I knew before.

Visualize yourself when you meet your goals with an effective method, life coaches offer you many tools that allow you to achieve those goals or opportunities that life offers or needs.

One of its great benefits is the certainty that you are working with someone specialized and trained in the area this type of Coaching is not just a therapist, this type of coach focuses on techniques such as NLP (neurolinguistic programming), meditation, negotiation techniques, and social skills, among others. Thanks to these techniques, the person understands why he acts as he does and how he behaves positively and negatively to meet his needs in life.

Coaching will help polish your person in all aspects, applying techniques that will have a positive influence on the performance of your mind, body, and spirit. He will review your beliefs about the world and yourself. You will begin to feel much healthier, happy, calm, stable and satisfied with your life. You will be surprised at how much you can do and how it looks, thinks and communicates with you that affects your performance. As you feel better every day, you will begin to become aware of the things that contribute to your evolution as a human being and the things that harm you.

Personal, emotional and even spiritual growth is one of the most outstanding benefits when it comes to this life coach, it offers the opportunity to meet the expectations or goals you have had in this way to lead the life you have always wanted and even improve that vision or goal of life that you have set.

What you will show abroad will be all positive. This coach will help you acquire a certain personal power which allows you to achieve security wherever you are. You will look amazing in the eyes of others, you will always have excellent humor and great charisma that can attract many people, who will help you achieve your goals.

A life coach offers you to have a defined north and not get lost on the road to your goals. Have better personal relationships and be prosperous in business. Have a better attitude in terms of improving workflow or these alternative therapies to have a better social life. Get better results on your projects and goals or train with prosperous purposes.

Tips to find the right life coach.

Many people today think about going to a coach to improve their quality of life, deal better with emotions, improve their professional career, overcome fears, limitations, unlock their full potential and maintain motivation in their work.

For this reason, and for all the ignorance that exists concerning this new profession, which is gradually strengthening, I present 5 basic keys to choose a good life coach.

1- Training: Coaching is based on scientific research; well-trained coaches use training models based on the evidence of their work. To learn these techniques, coaches must go through a training period. Anyone can call himself a coach, whether or not he has gone through a training program for coaches or not. However, some organizations certify coaches’ training programs and guarantee that they meet minimum standards. When communicating with life coaches, ask them what training program they completed and if they are legally accredited.

2- Specialty: there are many specialties, some coaches are psychologists, other publicists, lawyers, engineers, so they can help you in several aspects. Choose the professional with whom you feel identified or who has knowledge about the area of ​​your life you want to improve.

3- Style and way of working: each professional has its brand or stamp: some are more direct, others calmer in their way of expressing themselves or working. If you follow a coach’s blog, you can see, according to how he writes, the style he uses. The other thing is to go directly and ask the life coach with whom you are considering starting your training how he would describe your style and then think about if that is the kind of coach you need to achieve your goals in life.

It is also interesting that you know the method that will be used for the realization of the sessions, personal or online, and that it would be more beneficial depending on the need.

How many sessions do you propose at least? It is important that you do not get ripped off and do not generate a dependency relationship with your coach. In coaching, the decision-making capacity and independence of the client is strengthened, so it is recommended that you do not have more than 10 sessions in a row.

4- Price: This is an aspect that brings us a little head. Coaching is a new modality, it is fashionable and is not for all budgets, so many people with an average salary do not opt ​​for this option. Coaches usually charge between $ 50 and $ 500 per hour, depending on where they are. and your level of experience. Ask your potential coach what is included in his hourly rate. Are there additional tools and resources? Do they belong to a group or structure that can provide support if necessary? Do you have a money-back guarantee? The price does not determine that your work is quality, but make sure you do not select the cheapest coach, the coaches are not a basic product. Remember, this is an investment in yourself and your future.

5- Guarantee: It is also important that you offer a guarantee. In case of hiring a package with sessions and not being satisfied with the work of the coach, or if you discover that coaching is not for you, you should be able to recover the amount invested for the sessions you did not do.

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