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What is Reiki? Benefits of Reiki

What is Reiki? Benefits of Reiki

What is reiki Benefits of reiki

Reiki is a form of therapy that relates to healing using energy. It works on energy fields present around the body and in the body. It involves transferring universal energy from the palms of the person who becomes a medium for the flow of energy to the person who is meant to be healed. This therapy has proved to be effective in many cases, as people who have been on the receiving end of Reiki have said that the outcomes they have experienced using Reiki have been very positive.

The origins of Reiki come from the Japanese words “rei” and “ki,” which mean universal and life energy, respectively. This refers to energy healing because energy can stagnate in the body using emotional or physical pain. When this energy is blocked in your body, it can cause illness.

Reiki practitioners can release the stuck energy from inside your body. This energy is released from your body when these practitioners work upon your body. Reiki energy helps the flow of energy and manages to remove blocks similar to the act of acupuncture or acupressure but on an energy level. The persons who become the medium for the flow of this universal energy – reiki healer believe that improving the flow of energy in bodymind and giving it fresh divine energy can help healing receiver in many ways.

Benefits of Reiki

Physical Health

Reiki has known to aid people in relaxation of their physical states. Be it fatigue, tiredness, or even exhaustion, Reiki can help your body become relaxed. This is because all that energy that is draining you from the inside gets released from your body. All the energy inside of you that is keeping your body tired gets released and makes your body recharged and free of fatigue.

Reiki has also been effective to speed up healing of many serious illnesses. There have have been many such instances that person have recovered from cancer, auto immune diseases, nervous system related problems and many other.

But it is better that reiki should not be considered as complete replacement for medical treatment.

Mental Health

Reiki manages to release tension from one’s bodymind, providing a more relaxed mental state. Many people believe that Reiki allows their body to be at its calmest state. Reiki gives relaxation where the person receiving the treatment can clear their mind and release anxiety and depression. Reiki can make people feel powerful, relaxed, and lighter. It is an excellent way to calm your mind because a healthy mind constitutes a healthier you. Receiving reiki healing for long term can cure anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.


Reiki is used to help the mind and body grow. The state of “repairing” the body or “self-healing” allows us to rest and digest, and when we trigger this state, our body begin to clean itself of these impurities and energies. It also makes the body resistant to exhaustion, weak immunity, and disease conditions. This makes your heart, mind, and body to stay healthy. Human body cells can heal themselves, and Reiki makes this process even faster. Reiki balances your body levels to return to its most natural state. This means that your breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, circulation, and other bodily systems start to thrive.

Energy Cleansing and Balancing

Reiki gives you soothing healthy energy as you receive healing. It balances the energy in your body by releasing the excess energy that is present in you. And if there is energy lack, it fills that gap. Plus, all the negative energy inside you is removed when you turn towards Reiki healing. This is the energy that helps your aura to be cleaned and refreshes the whole Body-mind energy system.

Spiritual Growth

Reiki is considered to be a divine spiritual practice. But as it has many benefits it’s been practiced by people all over the world. But reiki has a spiritual aspect to it. Regular reiki healer and person who receives healing regularly gets spiritual dimensions opened for them which helps them to grow spiritually.

Increases Awareness

Reiki has the incredible benefit of improving your awareness. This is done by making your body more aware of what is present around you. After performing Reiki, your body becomes more alert than ever, which makes you aware better of the things around you. This helps you predict outcomes better and how things will turn out if they go in a specific way. When you are aware and see things clearly your quality of life increases for better

Makes Intuition Stronger

Reiki makes your intuition stronger than before. Reiki contributes to this by helping your mind focus on what is an actual reality before information bias starts taking control of your thinking. This is how Reiki helps in having a stronger intuition which can make your life way better as you can take quick and accurate decisions.

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