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What is mindmap, technique and benefits

What is mindmap, technique and benefits

What is mindmap


A mindmap is a mental diagram organised by visual information.

Mind mapping

Mind mapping is a technique to visualize an idea and connect all of its pieces in detail by creating a graphical diagram.

How to create a mindmap.


Parent Idea
Take a blank paper or open mindmap software.
Write the main idea in the middle of the paper.
Write it in big size and use only one word and write in capital letters.

Sub Branches
Decide what sub-branches you need to create in your idea.
Draw them as each sub-branch moving out on different directions from the primary word.
Use different colours for each branch.
Connect all sub-branches to parent.

Children sub-branches

As much as detailed and deep map is made, it becomes easy to remember the idea and gets strongly printed in mind.
So next step is to add children sub-branches attached to sub-branches to add more detail and steps to your map.
Add different colours to them.
Adding image to each sub-branch will make the idea more detailed, clear and will look good visually.

Add more second level sub-branches if they are required to outline your idea in the map.

You can use different shapes and colour for words, outline or background to make it colourful and creative.
Don’t create branches very close to each other, rather spread them around primary stem branch in a circular manner to make map clear with visible details.

Benefits of mind mapping.

  • Increase in visualization ability
  • Increase in productivity
  • increase in Creativity
  • Clarity of idea
  • Increases the ability to create a proper plan
  • Gives the ability to put things in perspective by reading own imagination and intuition.

And the most important benefit for which it is done-

Mindmap gets printed in your brain as you brainstorm your idea from your thoughts and imagination to the actual diagram.
which makes you remember all of its details and makes your idea from just an idea to actual organised strategy and plan.

You can draw a mindmap on paper or use online mindmap software such as:-
Link- FreeMind software
         Xmind software

Have you ever created mindmap?
I have.
Share your thoughts about mindmapping technique.

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