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What is mindfulness meditation? Techniques to practise mindfulness

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness means focusing on the present moment while becoming aware of that moment and becoming aware of own body, sensations, thoughts and feelings and becoming aware of our surrounding environment by becoming calm and focused.

What is the purpose of mindfulness?

Purpose of mindfulness is to become aware of own present self and be aware of own bodily feelings and sensations and thoughts without thinking of past or future or any interpretations or judgment.
Coming to the acceptance of present moment reality.
Done it right can do wonders to your life.

6 ways of mindfulness meditation
It doesn’t have to be a forced act and rather it’s being in a state of mindfulness,
There are many ways you can do mindfulness meditation and even with different poses like sitting, standing or walking.

These are 6 ways of many.


Mindfulness of breathing

In this meditation, you sit down with erect spine and relaxed body being at quit place to be calm and focused
and concentrate on every breath feel breath you take it in and out.

Mindfulness of thought

In this meditation, you sit with an erect spine and relaxed body to be calm and just breath and pay attention to your thought.
Don’t try to change thought or judge a thought if it is negative or positive. Just let the thought come and go and just observe them.

Mindfulness of awareness

It is to become fully aware of what is going around you by being in the present moment.

Mindfulness of observation

In this practice, you just look and observe all your sensations, surrounding, objects, sounds, smells and just keep focus and keep observing without reacting or judging.

peace of mind

Mindful listening

In mindful listening, you mainly concentrate on sounds by becoming calm and focused. Bring your attention to all the sounds you hear and just pay attention and keep listening.

Mindfulness of body

Being mindful of own body is to pay attention to your body and scan your body with the mind to feel all your body sensations at that moment and just be an observer of your body.

7 Strong Benefits of Mindfulness meditation

intrapersonal intelligence

Makes brain powerful

Regular practice of meditation increases grey matter in the brain and increases the ability of memory, thoughts, concentration and sensations.

Improves emotional intelligence

It helps you to observe detect and understand emotions in self and others.
It helps in handling emotions and feelings in a proper way rather than compulsively reacting to it.

Reduces stress and lifts up the mood.

It helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression to make a person feel more active and energetic and happy.

It has a healing ability

Regular practice of mindful meditation works towards healing emotional and physical ailments and diseases and cleanses body and mind.

Mindfulness makes a person more alive

It makes you a more positive and optimistic person. It brings peace and acceptance in life.

Increases self-awareness and satisfaction

It make you aware of your gifts life has given you and increases your love for self and appreciations for others and things.

Makes you more conscious

It brings clarity in your mind about own life and the world and brings a feeling of interconnection and unity which helps you to grow spiritually.

Scientific studies.

Scientist been doing studies on this topic and they clearly have found that it has benefited many people.
It has even helped to cure many diseases and improve the life quality of humans.
Scientists been curious about this subject for a long time and trying to study how it works and does it help everyone.
Scientific studies have been conducted at different universities to study how it affects the brain and what activities happen inside the brain.

Scientific studies:-
British Columbia

So let me ask you,

Do you practice mindfulness meditation in your life?
I hope so.
if not then.. how about saying yes to it start practising it.

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