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What is Destiny – How is Destiny Created

What is Destiny – How is Destiny Created


Destiny is often associated wrongly with something which is beyond your control, as if some outside Force is pulling the strings and making things happen to which we are utterly helpless. This misconstrued definition of destiny keeps you stuck in the throes of impoverishment thus preventing you from experiencing greater joy and peace in the world.


Once the wheel of karma is set in motion you cannot stop it; you have no choice but to go along with the consequences until they are settled. However, you can prevent yourself from incurring new karmas by learning from your past mistakes and making right choices that are conducive for your overall well-being. In short, to change the malefic effects of karma you need to formulate your mind with constructive thoughts which will override your fears and pessimism. This way you can take control of your destiny and free yourself from the ill-fated events of further karmas.

What Is Destiny?

Destiny is founded on the immutable Law of Cause and Effect, commonly known as karma. Your life-situations are the repercussions of your every thought, word and action that you send out in the Universe. Your thoughts, actions and free-will choices all go into the making of your destiny. And not from only this life but from previous lives also. And most of the karma happens unconsciously.


This world is a school of hard knocks and life is all about striving to overcome your hurdles. Therefore, look upon your difficulties as props to strengthen your spirit, and use them to your advantage.


All life-situations are mere experiences that you have chosen to go through for the enrichment of your soul. Pain and suffering serve to temper your spirit and condition your mind until you begin to shine with your inner light like an exquisite diamond, which you really are.


Moreover, destiny hugely depends upon the decisions you take when you find yourself at the crossroads of your life. The direction you choose to take at that moment decides your fate. It is therefore a prerequisite to have your mind constantly illumined by the light of optimism and joy. A positive mind-set can think rationally and make choices that are for your highest good.



You are a creator by right, having the power to fabricate a life of happiness and well-being. You are not created to live at the mercy of the unforeseen circumstances. All situations of wretchedness, sickness and disease are the reflections of a mind which is not in alignment with the Universal Mind. 

How Destiny Is Created

Destiny is created on a daily basis with your every thought, word and deed. All that you send out has your signature on it, so to speak, and it comes back to you with an equal and opposite force. There is no way you can dodge the divine Law of Karma. Sooner or later, in this lifetime or the subsequent ones, your karmas will catch up with you, and for which you will sorely repent.


However, a lot depends upon your belief-system, self-image and mental-conditionings, on which you are brought up, as well as on your habits and activities – all of this contributes towards creating destiny. If you are an optimistic, self-confident person your chances of excelling in life are great. On the other hand, if you lack self-esteem and self-confidence you will probably continue to live as an under-dog, always in the shadows of other people’s success and joys.


Furthermore, people’s influence plays a major role in the making of your destiny. Their opinions and criticisms play upon your psyche and brainwash you into believing what they want you to believe. This is specially so with children. They grow up with a lot of negative programming which then stands in the way of their success and happiness at some future date or in subsequent lifetimes.


Destiny is fluid and changes with your personal transformation. It is erroneous to think of destiny as rigid and permanent.

There is no Power out there waiting to punish or reward you. The Universe has laid down certain conditions which are applicable to all of cosmos. And your destiny is created under the terms and conditions of the divine, eternal Law of Karma. Your past is invariably unchangeable but your future is in your hands, and can be pretty much predictable.


It is true that certain situations are beyond our control but eventually we still have the gift of our free-will choice to deal with the inevitable, and undoubtedly our choices are hugely responsible towards creating our destiny.



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