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13 reasons why MS Dhoni has been the coolest captain.

He was a goalkeeper.
MS Dhoni was fascinated by football and joined football as a goalkeeper in his school.
His school sports coach sent him to play cricket and be a wicket-keeper.
Dhoni performed well that day and that is how his cricket journey started.

Dhoni developed aggressive batting style and became regular wicketkeeper in the team.
After that what happened, whole India and people around the world know.


But why Dhoni is cool? let's discuss that.

Dhoni came from the small town of Ranchi and made his way towards international professional cricket.
Dhoni had aggressive batting style of quickly scoring runs by playing big shot after a big shot.

Although of his original style he realised that playing this way and trying to hit every ball hard will not be a good strategy and won’t last long.
Here he showed his first sign of smart brain as he decided to change his natural aggressive play and learned to stay longer on the pitch.

Not many can go against their natural ability and still succeed and then that changed way becomes their natural play.

Because of these adjustments and improvements to his game, he became the best finisher.

Dhoni was known as a player who could score quick runs and hit huge sixes but his real cool abilities came out in front of the world
when he became captain of Team India.


As a batsman, he would construct his inning but when he became captain he showed that what is playing means.
He learned the game with a deep understanding and developed an ability to take charge of any situation and control it with own speed and cruise through challenge and finish the match.

Cricket is a team sport where the win comes when the team perform well.
But as a sensational wicket-keeper batsman and captain with the smart brain he used every player in the team to their best strengths and pulled a win for the team.

Dhoni has been always clear about his game plans and tactics and high confidence that he can pull a win for the team.
To get the results he did not hesitate to drop a player from a team or get someone on a roaster.


Let's discuss M S dhoni's qualities and abilities point by point.

1) Learner
Ability to change the natural game and improve gameplay to go to the next level of performance.

2) Situation awareness
Ability to understand the situation and adapt to the situation.

3) Observation
A master reader of the game. paying attention to all details and understanding how things affect individual and team performance and use it as an advantage.

4) Control
Ability to play and control the speed of inning.

Can turn a loss into a win.

6) Calm and composed
Managing to be cool under pressure situation.

7) Attacker
Ability to put the opposition under constant pressure.

8) Self-confidence
Having the self-confidence to construct inning the way that he can finish the game on his terms.


And some rare qualities such as,
9) Emotional intelligence
Being emotionally intelligent and know when to react and when not to.

10) Leader
Using players the way that best performance comes out of them even if someone is not the best player to start with.

11) never give up
Ability to fight till last moment and pull out a super win.

12) Strong minded
Maturity of character to take strong decisions not worrying about self and keeping the team as a priority and be accountable and professional.

13) Quick Reaction
Last but not the least- Ability to do stumpings within a fraction of a millisecond.

But these are just words. What numbers say? let's see.


When Dhoni was captain of India, the team became-

No 1 test team in the world
No 1 ODI team in the world and a world cup win.
T20 world cup win.

And many domestic leagues wins.

No 1 ODI batsman.
Highest scoring wicketkeeper.
Most stumpings as wicketkeeper and many more.

MS Dhoni is the best captain India ever had in my opinion and best brain in the world for modern day cricket.

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