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8 Tips to sleep better at night naturally

Sleep is Must. And better natural sleep is the real key to puzzle of low quality life.

In market economy various pills and medicines can be taken for good sleep but all is nothing in front of a nice anti- bad effect natural sleep.

Here are the 8 tips to sleep better naturally

8 Tips for better natural sleep

Sleeping environment:

Optimum design of the bedroom and bed can work wonders. A bedside lamp with cosy, dim lighting, for example, can put you in a comfortable evening mood. Having nice bedcovers, various pillows and a nice picture on the wall can add to the pleasant atmosphere, so that you feel comfortable in your bedroom and enjoy going to bed.

The ideal temperature for sleeping is somewhere between 17 and 22 degrees centigrade (approximately 63°-72°F). We often make the mistake of having the bedroom temperature too high, particularly in winter. This causes the air to dry out. During the winter, a humidifier could help to ease the situation.

Keep your sleeping rhythm:

rem sleep

A regular sleep-wake rhythm is very important for good sleep quality. The effectiveness is increased by having a consistent evening and morning routine. Our inner clock shows us, that we naturally get tired in the evening and wake up refreshed, as long as we do not disturb our sleep-wake rhythm. Try to keep to the same routine at the weekends.



Doing sport or being physically active during the day helps to enable good sleeping. You should avoid doing strenuous training shortly before bed, because this activates the circulation of your body. You would feel stimulated and probably would not be able to go straight off to sleep. The body needs some time to settle down.

Light physical activities, such as a one-hour walk in the afternoon or early evening, can help yourself for sleeping better.

Lighter meals:

eat healthy to reduce fear

It is not recommended to eat large meals just before going to bed. Having a full stomach is not good for sound sleeping experience, because the body is busy digesting the food, that is already there. Try to arrange your evenings so, that you do not eat anything later than 2 hours before going to bed, or if you do, only something light – like all the foods you can air fry.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine:


You should avoid caffeine from the afternoon on­wards. It can take up to 5 hours for even half the caffeine to work its way out of your body. Caffeine causes difficulties when trying to go off to sleep. This causes you to sleep lighter and shorter.

Alcohol makes you tired and lets you go to sleep faster, but that does not mean, that you sleep better. Regular consumption of alcohol can, in the long term, lead to sleeping disorders.

Nicotine keeps you awake. Even hours after you have smoked your last cigarette, it disrupts the quality of your overall sleeping. Almost every third smoker does not sleep well, because the nicotine levels of their body sink during the night.

Meditation, breathing and relaxation exer­cises:

meditation meditation

Scientific studies show, that slow, controlled breathing sinks the heartrate and blood pressure, which in turn settles the whole body. Suitable methods to achieve that include meditation and relaxation techniques, such as autogenic training and Jacobson’s progressive muscle relaxation.

Relaxing music:

music music

I recommend quiet, classical music to help you to go to sleep. The music should come to a stop slowly and gently, in order to avoid an abrupt end, which would wake you up again.

Avoid blue light:

technology addiction

Probably the most important point, and at the same time most difficult, is the avoidance of blue light from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Those, who sit for a long time in front of an LED screen, are said to be delaying their sleep-wake rhythm, according to the Swiss sleep researcher, Christian Cajochen. The blue wavelengths of this light made of Light-Emitting Diodes (LED), which illuminate your mobile phone or laptop, make us alert and adversely affect the regulation of the hormones, which are responsible for our sleep.

Try to avoid using your mobile phone or laptop two hours before going to bed, or if you do, use the blue-light filter, which a lot of modern devices possess.


When you apply this tips, don’t just give up after trying for couple of days. 

Breaking bad habit pattern and making lifestyle changes takes time so be disciplined, have patience and be consistent.

This tips will work for sure, but only if you work and take action.

Have a peaceful natural sleep.

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