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7 ways to build your self-esteem


Psychologically speaking, self-esteem is a sensitive and very relevant topic today. We can get it in adults as in young people, today I will talk a little about it and how you can build it strong.

What is self-esteem

Self-esteem is an attitude and capacity that helps us determine if we enter the world either negatively or positively, all this to obtain a good life or to not give any adequate value to our life.

It is a very personal action, we can get books, consultants or specialists that can help us increase that value, but in the end, it is closely linked by the desire and desire of each one.

Self-esteem is a state, it is a way of life, it is a way in which a person can feel comfortable in his own body as he can feel the opposite, in many cases if he focuses on the negative aspect, he can only generate serious problems.

How important is self-esteem


It is everything. A person who does not feel that he has any value is a person who have very high chances to suffer from depression. Mental problems are an action that can arise when you have low self-esteem. The goal is to maintain a strong and healthy level.

It is not always easy to get, but it is not impossible either. Various practices help increase this value or feeling so important in every person in the world, the goal is to make this feeling healthy to keep a stable mind, body and emotions.

People do not understand in many cases that it is not that they cannot achieve something, it is very much about a state of mind in which they embark and sometimes it is difficult to get out of there. The ego cannot be confused with healthy self-esteem, it is a sensitive and very important issue to consider.

Ways to build self-esteem


According to extensive and detailed scientific research, it is established that there are 6 pillars for good self-esteem.

The practice of living consciously:

Every person should be aware of their surroundings and their actions; this allows them to put their conscience to good use. All well-being of a person is linked to the use of consciousness, the goal is to get a good use of that consciousness.

The practice of accepting oneself:

An adequate way to build good self-esteem is knowing who we are, taking into account that acceptance is linked to the physical, emotional, mental and decision-making aspects that we may have throughout our lives.

The practice of responsibility:

Having good self-esteem goes beyond feeling good about yourself, it is to take into account that, regardless of the situation or attitude, if it is linked to you, it means that you must be responsible for it. Understanding the responsibility of our actions, encourages us to determine the value of our life and helps to increase our self-esteem by understanding that value.

The practice of self-affirmation:

Self-affirmation of its value is important method to do it. Understanding what is the value of our desires, our beliefs and ideals is necessary to give value to our lives, this allows self-esteem to begin to nourish positively.

The practice of living with a purpose:

Having healthy self-esteem encompasses many important aspects, having a purpose is one of those necessary aspects. It goes beyond just having successes, sometimes it is closely linked to a simple purpose, which provides us with the necessary strength to give value to our lives, thus helping to increase the level of self-esteem we have at that time.

The practice of integrity:

Every human being has a vision of life, their values may be linked to others, as they may not be. A person with good integrity, with the assurance of correcting their convictions and values, can be referred to as someone who has good self-esteem, if he fights for it, it is because he trusts himself.

Theoretically, these are the pillars to build good self-esteem, linked to this we can get a 7th pillar or action to help build good self-esteem.

The practice to accept and learn from the “failures”:

Instead of learning and improving, people get involved and tend to accentuate the problem, reducing the self-esteem they already have of themselves. To accept the failures, problems, and difficulties is necessary to give way to the reinforcement and increase of self-esteem.

In summary, an ability to give value to our self-esteem is linked to these several practices, thus determining and increasing our worth towards ourselves.

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