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7 Natural Ways To Reduce Anger

7 Natural Ways To Reduce Anger


Anger is the most common unhealthy emotion most of us have. Although it is common, frequent anger can really damage us emotionally and ruin our life and of others around us either by violent actions or deeply engrained repetitive outbursts throughout our life.

It is always better to become aware of anger in the moment of happening and reduce it so we can think clearly and go into deep roots from where it is coming rather than staying stuck in the cycle of emotions.

Here are 7 natural ways you can reduce your anger.

1 Express your anger

express anger

The most important part of reducing your anger, however, can be expressing your anger instead of just suppressing it. Suppressing anger is the worst way to deal with it.

But being angry is one thing and acting angrily is another.

In order to tame your temper, you have to prevent destructive outbursts. Just express your anger constructively or you can just express your unhappiness calmly with emotional intelligence to whomever is making you angry.

2 Countdown


Whenever you are feeling too overwhelmed with something, count up to 10. But, you are really mad at someone or about something, then start counting backwards from 100 to 1. It will divert your thoughts and, your anger is most likely to subside by the time you reach 1. It is the oldest and most effective way to reduce anger.

3 Check your breathing

anger breathing

Anger makes you breathe shallow. Not only this, but you will also notice that you are breathing rather fast, when angry. You just need to reverse the trend as a strategy to calm you down fast by starting to breathe slowly and deeply. You can also try to breathe in from the nose and exhale from the mouth for the desired results.

Daily meditation can help drastically to calm your mind and regulate breathing.

4 Regular exercise, healthy food and quality sleep.

food for anger

Exercise helps the brain to secret mood-regulating hormones or endorphins. So, it is essential to never skip your routine exercise. Plus, you can go for a small walk too when you feel the urgent need to tame your temper.

Eat mood-regulating food.

The food we eat has an effect on our emotions.

Processed food, sugar and hard to digest food troubles body system and makes the person more irritated and emotionally unstable.

Eating fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes and having good nutrition is important for regulating mood and lower the anger issue.

Quality sleep.

Lack of quality sleep can make a person emotionally unstable and angry. Doesn’t matter how hard you work in a day or work for a whole day, enough and quality sleep is a must.

Pay attention to your sleep pattern and work on it to get a good sleep.

5 Muscle relaxation

relax anger

Our body movements and poses are related to our emotions. You may have never noticed but the muscles of the body become tense when you are angry. Making a fist of hand. Even your jaws would be grinding the teeth. It is the primal sign of anger and stress. You just need to unclench your jaws and relax your muscles as an anger management practice.

Taking cold water bath when feeling angry will also help to relax.

6 Escape mentally


You can effectively tame your temper by developing a habit to escape from the scenario and by diverting your thoughts towards some relaxing scenes. It is a strategy to calm you down fast to practice visualization of whatever relaxes you like an uncrowded beach with the sun setting on the horizon or just moving away from the person or situation which makes you angry.

7 Build healthy relationships.


Maybe the reason for your anger is that you are in contact with toxic people who are unhealthy for your mental and emotional health and can even lead to physical health problems.

Examine your partner, circle of friends or colleagues and family members. Anyone whom you spend time with regularly. Check how you feel when you spend time with them.

If anyone of them is the reason for your anger then you need to distance yourself from that person and spend time with someone who makes you feel calm, relaxed or happy.

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