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21 signs you have emotional intelligence

21 signs you have emotional intelligence

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Are you an intelligent person? Have a high IQ? Well…
It does not matter if you have a high IQ or not.
What matters more in life and have the ability to make any human powerful is Emotional Intelligence.

These are 21 signs of emotional intelligence

1 You are aware of your feelings and emotions

You can check and understand what are you feeling at a given moment and what emotions it is generating within you.

2 You live in a present moment
You don’t dwell on past memories and events and don’t worry about the future. You focus on the present moment.

3 You are self-motivated
You are not dependant on an outer source to get you going about anything. You are passionate and energetic.
You have a strong drive and don’t need outside motivation.

4 You are aware of your needs and wants
You are clear about things which are a necessity and things which you want or wish to do or have.
You don’t confuse yourself with needs and wants and use time, energy and resources for the right thing.

5 You know your strength and weakness
You know what you are good at and best at and you know that what separates you from the crowd.
You know what gets into your nerve and what you are not good at so you can avoid forcing yourself about it.

6 Integrity is your strong personality trait
You do what is right even if no one does.
You take responsibility and stay accountable to own actions.
You say what you know and do what you say.

7 You are genuine and authentic
You are what you are and stay true with what you are.
You don’t do or say anything which is not aligned with real you.

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8 You question your thoughts and feelings
You don’t believe your thoughts or feelings just because they come up.
Rather you question them and try to dissect them to find the reason behind their appearance and even if they are accurate.

9 You think before reacting
You don’t act on impulse.
You try to understand your emotions, feelings and situation before instantly reacting to it.

10 You operate with a positive mindset
You always think of the positive side of things.
You keep positive outcomes in mind and look at positive aspects of everything.

11 You take opinions and criticisms from others with a chill pill
You don’t get sad or angry by opinion or criticism from others.
You listen to it with a calm mind and observe if it actually has any truth to it so you can learn from it or use it to improve.

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12 You have good people skills
You are good at communication and building relationships and handling people.

13 You study others
You like to read, understand other people and their emotions and feelings.

14 You are empathetic
You understand why people behave the way they do by understanding their problems, feelings and emotions rather than judging them.

15 You follow ethics
You have strong moral ideas of life about what should be done and what is not good and you follow it strictly.

16 You protect yourself from negativity
You stay away from negative people, environment and any kind of negative influence to stay unaffected from negativity.

17 You have healthy habits
You practice good habits about life aspects such as health, business, relationships and self-development.

18 You are contributor
You like to help others and be part of the bigger mission to help people and society by contributing to improvement.

19 You have a strong character
You are not afraid of things or people.
You don’t fear to take a risk or fail.
People can not emotionally disturb you or control you.

20 You are not afraid of change
You understand that change is part of life and change is necessary to growth and you are willing to change when it is needed.

21 You practice gratitude
You are thankful that you are alive.
You are grateful to have all the things and people in life as you understand their value and appreciate them.


These are 21 signs of emotional intelligence.
More signs you have more emotionally intelligent you are.
Do you have any of these signs?
Maybe you have many or a few.

let me tell you that emotional intelligence is not a born trait but a skill which can be developed with practice.

So tell me how many signs of emotional intelligence do you have?

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