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21 reasons Tom Brady is superGOAT

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr AKA Tom Brady is not strongest, heaviest or quickest NFL player.
He was not even primary or secondary choice of selectors in NFL draft as he got picked on 6th round of the draft.


Did that stop him being extraordinary?
Well, it did not.

Why Tom Brady managed to do what he did in his massive career?

tom brady

Let’s discuss 21 reasons why he is one of his kind.

1) Always learning

Tom Brady understands that Loss is the biggest lesson and loss is an opportunity to analyze mistakes and learn from them and avoid those mistakes next time.
He became more and more coachable as he became successful.

2) Lives in reality

He understands that nothing is easy in this world when it comes to the NFL and wants to be top class.
Brady always ready to work harder time to time and every time.

3) Team player

When it comes to success and winning for him its all about team and team objective.

4) Gratitude

He doesn’t take fame and success for granted and knows that he is blessed to have such an opportunity, team and coach.

5) Horse of long race

NFL is not short time work but its a marathon and he is always ready to keep head right and keep performing and not settle with 1 win or go in the shell after a loss.


6) Student of the game

He is such a fan of NFL himself.
Every year is tough and he has to learn things from every game and season and take it to the next level and he loves doing it.
He says he is still learning to throw a perfect pass at the age of 41.

7) Bold teacher

Tom Brady says there are many aspects and you can’t control them but you can learn to control yourself. youngsters should learn from people like me.

8) Intuitive

Not everything is always black and white in career and choices but intuition helps when he needs to make decisions.
He says he will know when it feels like playing and when it’s not.

9) Preparation is fun

Not only playing championships but even preparing for football is fun for him.
He enjoys even little things like preparation, team meetings, warm-ups.

10) Discipline

He wants to be on the up all the time with health and fitness and no downtime even if its off game season.
Every day is preparation even if it’s not a season.

tom brady

11) Understands results need work

The only talent does not get the job done.
To be the best you have to be always the best version of yourself as teammate, leader and physically
fit and mentally present and he continuously follows it.

12) Hungry and competitive

What if he has won 6 championships rings, wanna win another one.

13) Love for the game over money

He says he loves what he does and winning as a team is more important than being the highest paid player.

14) Honest and vulnerable

He says he cries when he really feels down.
Brady understands what he was not when he started and says I was not a strong athlete in high school so I end up as quarterback.

15) Super quick reflex

He has to think fast and have to get rid of the ball and pass it to a teammate within 2 seconds before get crashed down.

tom brady

16) Respect for game and players

Tom Brady respects his coach, teammates and other team players and their part of stories.

17) Leader

He leads the team from the front and a role model for everyone around.
His presence makes a difference to the team environment even off the field.

18) All-time performer

Does not matter what kind of atmosphere or environment is.
Does not matter how much pressure he has, he produces a great performance.

19) Fighter

Does not matter how strong the opponent is, he wants to fight back and win.

20) Charisma

No one wants to bet against Tom Brady but everyone wants to hang out with him.

21) Champion

He is not just a winner but a multiple championships winner.

tom brady

This all points and numbers prove that Tom Brady is the best of the best.

Tell me what you think of Tom Brady.

Do you think same or you think of someone else as best?

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