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12 qualities of self-realized person

12 qualities of a self-realized person

12 qualities of a self-realized person


The self-realized person lives in harmony with the world and nature.

A self-realized person has a strong sense of acceptance with whatever happening in the world, around him/her, or to themselves.

They understand that resisting reality is not beneficial.

Such a person has immense resilience and tolerance to accept things even if they do not seem to be in favor or bring pain.

A strong sense of acceptance helps them to limit their pain to not convert it into suffering. It helps them to see things as they are without looking through the filter of an illusion of senses and mind.


A self-realized person very easily admires and appreciates others.

Whether it is good food, nature, respect or criticism from others or just giving casual comments of appreciation to someone.

They are not hesitant to say good things to others and respect everyone as life.


The self-realized person knows and understands the value of life.

Value of being alive.

They are grateful that they are able to breathe, live, move and do anything.

They don’t take anything for granted.

Whether it is their achievements, Wisdom, respect from the community, or just a glass of water.

Being grateful is part of their nature.

Stable mind:

The human mind is often referred to as the monkey mind.

But for the mind of a self-realized person, there is a wise master who has command over his mind.

Hence even if the mind has its own nature, a self-realized person can stay calm, relaxed, and stable in any situation regardless the situation is pleasurable or painful.

They are away from qualities of mind such as hate, jealousy, anger, envy, lust, greed.

They understand that situation is temporary but without a stable mind temporary situations can have a long-term impact on a person’s life.


Self-realized people value life. They value every moment of life. If you don’t spend all your time on a solution then the rest of the time is just a waste of time. Hence your life can become wasted life.

As they understand that being in victim mentality or trying to forcefully control the situation is not the right way. They think of a practical solution that can be implemented.

Universal compassion:

The self-realized person is compassionate towards everyone.

They are compassionate towards different races, genders, communities, and species. Because for them these all are not different. They all are just part of the same life and nature as he is.

That being said, they know self-defense.

Beyond pleasure and suffering:

A self-realized person does not engage in the pleasure of the senses. A self-realized person may enjoy pleasure but not a seeker of pleasure and not motivated by pleasure or not entangled into it.

They also don’t create suffering which is a construct of the human mind. They do feel pain but they don’t create suffering out of it.

The self-realized person does not live in past or in the future. They understand that what we got is only this present moment.


The self-realized person knows the limitations and effects of the material world.

Because of this, they are not interested in creating a life full of material values or material success.

They know that living simple life is better and it is easier to connect with the true meaning of life when they are not full of material around them and in their mind.

They keep a simplistic approach to daily life and even to big aspects of life.

Right associations:

A self-realized person makes association with the right people, at the right place and at a right time, in the right circumstances.

Doing this wrong can create hurdles in their way and can also affect their way of approaching life or conducting purposeful missions.

They always prefer Satsang. Company of truth.

Beyond Self- identity:

A self-realized person does not identify with EGO.

They are not driven by selfish motives or don’t feel proud of material success.

They understand that they have a body and they have a mind and all the identity created of themselves is based on memory and information.

They also understand that those are not their true self. Mind and body are part of them. Not them.

As they can see beyond their limited identity, they are able to see everyone and everything with a broader vision.

Which helps them to identify with every life. As even the identity of other life is different, fundamentally they are all same life.

Joyful by default:

A self-realized person does not need any material or any chemical substance or any fulfilled desire to feel happy.

As they are not attached to their mind, they can’t suffer.

Bodily pain can happen but as they understand that body is an instrument through they experience life, they don’t identify with it and can go through the pain and still be joyful.

They don’t have selfish and worldly desires so they don’t get disappointments.

When you are not creating suffering and not attached to body and mind, there is nothing that can make you unhappy.

Because of this, a self-realized person is able to live in the present moment and is joyful at any moment without any external stimulation.

Consciously connected to the source of creation:

There is a term called YOGA- Which means UNION

When someone transcends their boundaries of self, they attain another dimension which is there within every human by default but not everyone realizes it. They realize it and they realize the true nature of the self.

This person becomes a Yogi. YOGI- The one who is in UNION with creation.

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