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10 Tips to take charge of your destiny

10 Tips to take charge of your destiny

take charge of destiny

Every soul comes to Earth with a pre-planned but flexible agenda for any given life-time based on your past errors which need to be resolved and improved upon for the sake of your spiritual progress.

It is commonplace to relate destiny to luck. However, luck is not in the outside world; it is in your perception. Your level of consciousness determines your luck. In short, destiny is hinged on your consciousness, which is a sum total of your thoughts, feelings, actions and choices.

Given below are the 10 tips on how to take charge of your destiny:

  • Adopt a Healthy Regime: Indisciplined lifestyle is usually the cause of all kinds of health problems. You are not destined to suffer sickness and disease. Man is created in the image and likeness of God and is meant to live as an immaculate being in all purity and perfection. When God created man He also subjected him to the Law of Cause and Effect and bestowed upon him the gift of the right to free-will to deal with his situations the best he can.

However, wrong choices and the misuse of his free-will jeopardized the life of man with hardships and suffering in the form of destiny in his lifetime. And just as man unwittingly created suffering in his life, he also has the power to change his plight with refined thoughts, wit and wisdom, and thus destine himself to lead a more wholesome life in future.

The way to a healthy future is to keep fit with daily workouts, yoga and meditation, go for nature-walks and move around in the world with loads of positive attitude. Most importantly, partake of pure foods which grow and ripen in the sun, for optimum health. Such foods are a rich source of pranic energy which is empowering to your body, mind and soul.

  • Express Gratitude: The attitude of gratitude helps to keep you attuned to the Universal energies of good health and abundance. Be grateful for everything in life – for the haves and the have-nots. Each time you express gratitude, life gives you a reason to be grateful about. When you are disgruntled with life you are unwittingly sealing your fate to wallow in the misery of your own making.

  • Focus in the NOW: Your destiny is in the NOW. Your past and future are non-existent; there is no peace and joy in these illusionary timelines. Your past makes you sorrowful while the future fills you with anxiety and worries. Your reality is in the moment where eternal peace prevails. So live in the eternal moment; this is where you can weave the threads of your destiny for a happy, fruitful life.

  • Be Resilient: Move with the River of Life. Resistance causes much suffering. Go along peacefully with the changes in life or the force of the tide will thrash and batter you as it rushes along its course should you try to resist the flow. The Tides of Time are no respecter of man. Allow the River of Life to carry you safely to the sunny shores of your pre-destined destination.

  • Practice Meditation: Refine your mind with daily meditation and creative visualization. Meditation helps to sharpen your focus, and de-clutters your mind of all the chaos and confusion that prevent you from thinking clearly. Your mental clarity is imperative for taking charge of your destiny. Visualization, on the other hand, provides an impetus to manifest your ardent desires of health, success and prosperity in all areas of your life.

  • Be Of Good Cheer: Do not take life so seriously. Learn to laugh in the face of your trials and tribulations of life and turn your difficulties into opportune events. Laughter takes the sting out of your troubles and livens you up; it is a wonderful way to smite your depression, while filling you with hopes of the brighter tomorrows.

  • Befriend Your Difficulties: Your ordeals are not meant to break you but serve as lessons of life for the advancement of your spiritual evolution. All difficulties are transitory by nature; they come momentarily into your life and disappear once you have dealt with them. Therefore, befriend your difficulties and transform them into opportune situations without having to wrestle with them.

  • Keep Away from Negative People: Maintain your distance physically, mentally and emotionally from the pessimistic mind-sets. They are a bad influence to your psyche and will always discourage you in your path to success and happiness. These ones have no intention to rise, and will hinder others as well from advancing on the path to prosperity.

  • Reformat Your Subconscious With Affirmations: Break free from your old, self-sabotaging beliefs and instill constructive thought-patterns with positive affirmations. Affirmations help create new thought-patterns that are conducive for your personal and spiritual development. The powerful statements, when chanted with faith and fervor, are greatly effective in helping you achieve your goals successfully.

  • Be Aware of Your Thoughts: Use your conscious-awareness to keep a check on your mental activities. Be conscious of your thoughts at any given time. Your conscious-awareness acts as a guard against the intrusive thoughts that enfeeble the mind. Whenever you find yourself entertaining some negative thought which disturbs your inner peace, replace it immediately with that which makes you happy and bright. With practice, your mind will ultimately be habituated to dwelling in the light of optimism.


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