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10 tips for parents during the pandemic

Life is challenging. But it becomes more challenging when the world is facing pandemic like corona(COVID19).
Everyone is trying to keep up with changes and restrictions but if you are a parent then you have a task of whole another level.
That is to parent the kids in this pandemic situation.
Here are 10 tips which will help you with parenting during this tough time.

1) Make children aware

Tell the kids what is the situation and how it is affecting everyone and themselves in a simple and honest way.
When they get the idea of the situation they behave more like a team instead of being a trouble maker.

2) Unite the family

Family is always seen as one team but during a pandemic situation, it is important to talk to everyone in the family and reassure the everyone understands that all have to be united to face the challenge.

3) Be the leader

Don’t Overreact or panic.
Children’s will listen and follow only if you do your best with self-control and discipline in front of them.
So be the best leader so children can follow.

4) Address the emotions

Talk to children about the situation and how they feel about it.
Address their fears and insecurities.

5)Support and confidence

As a parent and family leader, you might tell children what to do and what not to do but also assure them that you are there to support even if things go wrong and give them confidence that you got their back.

6)Answer the questions

Children might have many doubts or questions about many things and situations.
Answer those question the best way that children understand the seriousness of the situation but at the same time not become scared or very anxious.

7) Pay attention

Give regular attention to children and watch their actions and behaviour.
The goal is not to restrict them from many things but keep them in check so they do not do anything harmful.

8)Family meeting

Have a family meeting where you talk with the whole family about the situation and how you all are going to plan to face it with discipline and grace.
Let the children have their input if they want to, so you can understand what they are thinking and you can plan accordingly.

9)Take care of health

Most important thing is to take care of own physical and mental health and so of children.
Set up a daily routine in such a way that it becomes a healthy routine.

10)Have fun

Pandemic does not mean that you have to go in a sad mode. Life is a gift and any situation we can enjoy it.
Have a fun time. Spend a lot of time with children as they don’t have a regular situation where they are in schools or with friends and they might miss all those things if left alone.
Play, watch movies or shows or cook together or do anything children like and can be done as per the situation.

Being in pandemic might force extra caring and few restrictions but that does not mean that we should be less alive and lack fun in life.
Going through tough times becomes easier when you keep a smile on the face, laugh a lot and be careful while handling situation gracefully with self-control and discipline.

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