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10 best self-help books for personal development

10 best self-help books for personal development

books for personal development

Personal development has been one of the most relevant issues in the last decade, there are different ways to give each person a boost, today the tools that are implemented are many. Reading is the most prominent, it is the beginning of everything.

How books can help personal growth

The books are the ones in charge since ancient times to give life to the reader without the need to leave their homes. When we talk about personal development, a book is one of the most prominent tools to acquire.

Understanding the learning capacity that a book offers you is necessary when it comes to giving way to grow as a person, learning, experiences, ideas and everything we can find in self-help books are fundamental when it comes to exceeding ourselves as persons. We give the relevance of a book to us, by being able to open ourselves to its teachings and establish a learning relationship.

10 best books and why we should read them

1. Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life by Gary John Bishop

It is a manual that offers a series of tools to help you overcome yourself, the advice offered in this book is right to grow as people, improve and advance the obstacles we usually impose on ourselves.

2. You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

It is excellent to change our sabotage beliefs, in order to understand why we are that way, that we can change to improve and grow as people by understading our true potential.

3. The magic of thinking big by David J. Schwartz

Every person who wants to achieve personal development must understand the power that the mind needs to achieve it. It is a classic when selecting the best self-help books. It offers you teaching to achieve success at a much higher level than you already know today.

4. Own Your Everyday: Overcome the Pressure to Prove and Show Up for What You Were Made to Do by Jordan Lee Dooley

An excellent book that addresses different issues in relation to personal development. It drives you to be better, not to pigeonhole, to eliminate those excuses that only limit you, it is a book to take into account to overcome.

5. Emergence: Seven Steps by Radical Life Change by Derek Rydall

This book helps us understand that the important thing to achieve personal success depends only on us. Life presents 7 stages that the book shows to the reader, giving a reinforcement to the idea of ​​what is needed and we already have it within us, the goal is to make good use of it.

6. Thinking, fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman brings us a vision and definition of our thoughts, as it is divided in two, thanks to different studies and research that took the time to carry out throughout all these years.

Understand that the mind is divided into 2 systems, one fast and one slow, a book that shows you the importance of the two in your life. And how they can work together without a problem and achieve a successful personal development. It is a book that contains a series of examples, endless analysis, and comments on how to use the 2 systems without problem.

7. Failing forward: turning mistakes into steps for success by John C. Maxwell

To achieve personal development, you must go through some failures. The teaching is in the process between having failed and overcoming that failure. This book is suitable for learning and understanding that every failure is an achievement and another step towards success.

8. The power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

One of the books that have managed to generate one of the greatest impacts in recent years when we speak in the collective consciousness. Many have achieved the technique of mindfulness; technique that has allowed to relieve depression, develop compassion in others and significantly increase emotional intelligence.

This great book will help you understand and learn to free your mind from past attachments, to grow, to follow your path, to give value to the now and understand that the past and the future do not matter, the important thing is the present and what to do with that present to achieve success as a person.

9. The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Even though the creator of this book has a strong faith and an opinion very inclined to Christianity, it does not focus on an entirely religious book. It helps us to understand how positive thinking, regardless of the obstacles of the road, helps to achieve success. It is not about waiting for the universe to give us success, it focuses on knowing how to take advantage of every opportunity and action in life to achieve it.

10. Love yourself as if your life depended on it by Kamal Ravikant

It doesn’t matter all the help you get; it doesn’t matter how much time you spend to achieve success and it doesn’t matter how many times you fail and get up again. If in the end you don’t love yourself, self-love is indispensable.

Self-love is the basis for all successful personal development. It does not focus on a narcissistic and selfish love, understanding that loving oneself goes beyond being selfish. This book will teach you to understand that difference and increase that self-love that every self-help book has manifested over time.

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