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Sadness vs Depression

Sadness vs Depression

sadness vs depression

Have you ever felt sad or depressed in life?

We all at some point in life feel sad or depressed.

But often there is confusion about sadness and depression as illness.

In this video you will learn difference between sadness

and depression.



Sadness is a temporary emotional reaction associated with a person’s perspective of a particular situation.


Depression is a serious mental illness that highly affects your feelling, the way you think and ability to act. It is long term emotional state with persistent negative feeling.


Sadness is a reaction of the mind which can be also called as mood.

Sadness is one of the basic emotions in human beings.

Depression is mental health illness.

Sadness can be beginining of depression. But not every sad person goes into depression.

Depression can start from the feeling of sadness.

Person could feel normal at beginning stage but as the duration of depression and intensity increases it turns from feeling sad or depressed to having depression as an illness.

And starts showing more and severe symptoms.


Sadness is short-term feeling which can last for few hours or few days.

Depression can last for months or even multiple years.


Sadness affects your mood for some time.

Depression affects your life.


Sadness depends on person’s perspective of something which makes a person sad.

In same situation another person might not feel sad.

Depression is mental health illness and it have an impact on a person’s brain structure and life quality.


If you say you are sad. Then that is what you feel. So people can accept that you are sad.

If you say you are in depression then you might be just sad or just depressed temporarily about something. But only with proper understanding of symptoms and proper diagnosis it can be said that you are in depression.


Sadness goes away in some time as person learns to accept situation and stops feeling sad.

Depression stays until treated and it does not go away just as time goes by.

As more times goes by in depression, person’s symptoms can become even more severe.


Sadness is sadness.

Depression have stages like moderate, severe, or chronic.


Sadness can disappear when you do what you enjoy and love.

In depression people can’t enjoy what they enjoyed and loved before depression.


You feel sad, after some time you move on with life.

If a person is clinically depressed then they keep struggling with life and start getting suicidal thoughts.


Sadness is situational emotion. That emotion can come and go in short time and can come again.

Depression is an illness that affects persons whole life and can cause existential crisis until treated.

Good news is sadness can go away and depression can be cured.


But as you now know the difference between sadness vs depression, you can take steps accordingly in your life.

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