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Psychology of color. Effects on human emotions and feelings.

Psychology of color. Effects on human emotions and feelings.

psychology of colors
Psychology of colors

Human psychology is not only stimulated by internal feelings, emotions or by other humans.
Human psychology is also affected by our surroundings and environment.
Color is a big part of it at it is everywhere.

Every colour triggers a different type of emotions and feelings in us.

That is why many cultures and industries use color very strategically to make an impact on people.

What is a color?

Color is what we humans perceive through reflection or emission when light falls on an object and reflects in cone cells of our eyes.

There are many types and their effects on human psychology.
Let’s look at some primary ones.

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
  • Brown


red color
  • Draws attention that you look at the red color first.
  • It’s associated with movement and excitement.
  • The red makes a feeling of excitement and heart bit a little faster.
  • It is very noticeable and grabs attention
    Example:- Girl in a red dress or red card driving on road.
  • It is also used as a sign of danger.
  • It creates a feeling of Passion, desire and love.


green color
  • Green is calming- nature and harmony and freshness.
  • It is a healing color which has positive effects on the mind and body.
  • It also indicates of good luck and wealth.
    Example:- used for money.
  • Green is the color of fertility growth and soothing energy.
  • It is a symbol of heaven and faith and also used to show trust, loyalty, confidence and wisdom.


blue color
  • Many people have blue as their favorite color including me.
  • Blue is very calming and authentic.
    Example:- majority of the planet earth is blue.
  • Blue considered to help enthusiasm and productivity.
  • It also represents unity, ideology and loyalty.
  • The blue is a symbol of stability and safety.


yellow color
  • Yellow is cheerful and happy.
  • It indicated joy and energy.
  • The yellow color is attention seeker.
    Example:- Taxicabs
  • The yellow is symbolised as the color of optimism and honor


  • Orange is a bright color of joy, energy and warmth.
  • Orange is a symbol of strength and courage.
  • Cultures use orange strategically for this reason to uplift and encourage people.
  • It also represents of success and creativity.
  • It is a colour of ambition and determination.


  • The pink is a peaceful and calming.
  • The pink is a symbol of friendship and gentle romantic love.
  • It is a feminine color of nurturing, kindness and care.
    Example:- Symbol of cancer awareness.
  • It also represents vulnerability and innocence.


  • Purple is royal.
    Example:- Used in royal families
  • It is a symbol of wealth and richness.
  • It indicated luxury and power.
  • Purple also symbolises creativity and mystery.


  • The black color stands for power and authority
    Example:- Cloths of judges or doctors black robe.
  • It triggers mystery and strong emotions.
  • The black color is also associated with Death, fear and evil.
  • It is also used to indicate elegance and formality.


  • White is a symbol of innocence, purity and goodness.
  • It is also used as a representation of peace.
  • It shows cleanliness and safety.
    Example:- white cloths used by doctors and professionals.
  • It indicated a successful new beginning and faith.



Grey is being timeless.

It also symbolises wisdom, intelligence and knowledge.
Example:- It is used in a professional environment.

It is used to indicate a sad feeling and emotions.

It also indicates being practical.



Brown is a color of the earth which indicated stability and being organic.
Example:- used in earth-friendly projects and food brands.

It is a color of friendship and support.

It is associated with resilience but can also create bad feelings and emotions.

These are some major colors with their associations with our feelings, emotions and effect on behaviour.
You can understand how they affect us in life every day as they are everywhere and every time.
Best strategic use of colours can help us to optimize our environment and our life.

Used wrongly they can have a high negative impact on our life.

Example:- If the children’s room is yellow then they tend to cry more.
A lot of exposure to red can trigger anger in a person.
The dull or dark surrounding trigger sad emotions.
The wrong combination of colors generates negative feelings and emotions.

Do you choose colors consciously?
What is your favorite color?

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