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9 Signs Of A Mentally Strong Person During A Pandemic

The current global situation of the Coronavirus pandemic has brought with it several other issues aside from the risk of contracting the virus itself. This is a time when most of us are fearful, worried, or concerned about ourselves, families, and friends. People are also concerned about education, businesses, jobs, financial stability, and the future at large. All these factors are bound to put a strain on anyone’s mental health if person is not mentally strong. Elevated stress and anxiety levels may be the primary psychological impact on the general population. Specific instances of loneliness, depression, harmful alcohol and drug use, self-harm, and suicidal behavior, depending on the mental state of the concerned individuals, may also be heightened by the situation.

The pandemic, aside from the above, may also make it harder or limiting for people with mental health issues to access mental health care due to the shortage of mental health professionals. Mental health issues are likely to affect the productivity of individuals, increase healthcare costs, and even increase mortality rates. It is evident that to be able to make it through this pandemic, one is required to become mentally healthy. Good mental health is the overall wellness of how one thinks, regulates their feelings, and how they behave. Here are some signs that you are mentally strong.

9 signs of a mentally strong person

1 The Ability To Feel, Manage, and Express Emotions

Being mentally strong means that we are able to recognize our emotions and allow ourselves to feel these emotions. Mentally strong people are in tune with their inner selves and do not allow their emotions to dictate their actions and do not allow others to manage their emotions. They are able to recognize what they feel, the reasons for those feelings, and what it means to them.

2 Self control and discipline

Mentally strong people are not compulsive with their actions and they do things with more awareness.

They have control over their feelings and emotions and can keep themselves in control and stay disciplined as per situation.

They can control their feelings of pleasure and desire to stay in a balanced mental state even when outside situation is scary.

3 The Ability To Maintain Good Relationships

The ability to form and maintain healthy relationships is a sign of mental well-being. Human beings are social beings; hence it is essential for us to be able to build healthy relationships. This is essential for co-existence, as we all need each other in order to make our lives complete. Treating others somewhat and maintaining boundaries is the best way to form good relationships. It is crucial to be able to set boundaries with those who maybe toxic and also be able to realize ways in which you may have been toxic through your reactions.

Trying to please everyone may even be detrimental to your mental health. One must understand that not everyone will like you and that it is only natural. We must learn to accept rejection calmly.

4 The Ability To Cope With the Change And Uncertainty

As they say, change is inevitable. Individuals with good mental health are able to manage change effectively and the risk it comes with. Mentally healthy people are able to adapt to the change by reacting appropriately, which is neither reactively or passively. A reactive reaction would involve a hasty instead of conscious decision, while a passive reaction would include feelings of overwhelming or disconnect. Mentally strong people are able to distinguish these types of reactions as well as have a clear mind to analyze the situation and make the right decisions. Mentally strong people can be described as adaptable to change. Instead of worrying about the change, they are confident that they can deal with it.

5 High Self-Esteem

Mentally strong people do have a high level of self-esteem. High self-esteem is evident when one is aware of their strengths and weaknesses. The individual is able to evaluate themselves objectively and is neither overly self-confident nor timid. They are aware of what they are capable of and where they fall short on. This allows them not to be affected by the opinions of others.

6 A Present Rational Mind

A person with a rational and present mind is aware of the reality of things. He views life from a perspective based on logic, reason, observation, and common sense.

7 Helping Others Out Of Kindness

Mentally strong people are empathetic of themselves and, by extension, are empathetic and compassionate of others. They are aware of the dynamics of life and that we all need a helping hand one time or another. They also do not feel entitled as they are aware that nobody owes you anything despite what you did for them. Helping others is their own initiative and does not expect anything in return, as this would be manipulative.

8 Ability To Learn From Mistakes

Good mental health encompasses the ability to learn from past experiences. These experiences might be their own or those of others. Learning is an essential part of mental health as it signifies growth and adaptability. Learning enables us not to repeat the same mistakes in our lives. Mentally strong people are keen to develop their own ways of thinking and do not give in to social, political, and philosophical ideologies.

9 Know Their Limits

Limits exist not so that we may be discouraged to achieve what we would like but to know when it is time to stop and not strain ourselves. Mentally strong people know when to stop to situations that might be harmful to them.

Bottom Line

Mentally strong people have all these traits and many others. It is important that during this pandemic that we try to cultivate these traits and work on our mental health at this time. Good mental health ensures that we live positively with ourselves and others. It is essential to seek help when we feel that our mental health is affected. Mental wellbeing is critical to physical wellbeing and, in turn, general wellbeing, hence it has to be well taken care of.

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