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21 ways companies control what you buy

Psychology of consumer behaviour

consumer psychology

Do you think you are free human being with freedom of choice?

Do you think you have total control on what you buy?

What you spend money on?

If you say yes then you might be living in an illusion.

You have been highly influenced and brainstormed and even more since internet started.

The science behind it called consumer psychology.

What is consumer psychology?

Consumer psychology is about understanding behaviour, mindset, desires, emotions, buying habits, patterns and preferences of consumer.

This are the follwing ways companies make you buy anything

Big sales with discount

Consumer psychology

Companies conduct big sales event and say that they are giving discount.

With this strategy they make you buy more and quickly so you buy what is not even really needed or without getting time to think that do you really want to buy or not.

Limited deals

consumer psychology

They make limited deals to make scarcity and because of fear of missing out they make you buy limited deals products. This way customers buys things thinking that they will not get product or service after deal is over and this way company benefits on fear and greed of customer

Free items with product

consumer psychology

Seller giving free product with main product is common thing.

This creates urge and compulsion in buyers mind to get 2 things and one is free but it comes at the cost of seller being in control.

Big amount of shopping

consumer psychology

Buy more. Buy a lot of things or in a big quantity then we will give you discount.

This way sellers lure you in buying too much at one time. This way they are able to make purchase amount bigger per customer.

Body gesture

consumer psychology

Body gestures are often used to make buyer feel that they need to buy particular product or service. Sellers use human psychology to make specific gesture to increase sales.

Color psychology

consumer psychology

Colors are widely and smartly used in all types of markets and products and services. Every color sends some stimulation to brain via eyes. Sellers use this color psychology to please and attract customers to buy.

Arrangement of items

consumer psychology

Very strategic placement of different kind of items is a effective way they use to make buyers buy more and buy what seller wants to sell. Like snacks packs are kept outside of shop to attract kids and in big shops certain items are deliberately kept at eye level



Selling cheap or small price product is easier. So seller sales worth less to start with but once customers is acquired, they sell more or higher price items to same customer.



This includes using historic design or items or attaching idea which makes person feel nostalgic so person can feel certain connect with product and service to buy it.

Involvement of senses


Constant stimulation by making people watch listen, read which makes person aware of product or service. It gives customer feeling of comfort and familiarity with it which leads to buying it.

Free stuff and samples


Free samples are given or small scale version of very low price products are sold to customer so they can use it, feel it and create urge to buy it. Once they fall into that urge customers buys bigger and expensive things.

Absence of currency symbol

tricky marketing

Often seller does not put currency symbol to trick customer visually to not think about money consciously while buying.

Environment and layout

human psychology

Stores and arrangements and layouts are designed and kept specifically considering human psychology and customer movement patterns to take best use of it for more sells.

Emotional involvement

emotional marketing

While marketing and advertising, product or service is attached to emotions such as lust, happiness, love, respect. Which triggers emotional reaction in buyer and they are more easily become enclined towards buying.

Social Influence

social marketing

Does not matter what is a product, nowadays celebrities and famous people are ready to advertise and promote any product. This way companies influence the followers and masses to think that the product or service is worth buying because their role models or big successful people promoting it.

Mind and gesture reading

body language

Sales and marketing people are often trained to read consumers mind and try to identify their body langage and thought process to act accordingly to maximize profit.

Consumer history

What you are doing and what you have done is been tracked. What you eat, where you lived and travelled, how much you been earning and which movies and sports you been watching. All history about you is kept in record to use them to brainstorm you and urge you to buy.

Consumer profile

There is a lot of data available about each consumer which tells like, dislikes, education background, family background, relationship status. Financial status and which cards they use and everything else.

This makes seller to be highly aware of buyers mind and their personality to make the best sells strategies.

Tricky price

money value trick

They use small left digits and tricky combination of odd even numbers to trick buyers.

They also make special offers and buying choices which look like choices but are made to trick you to buy really what they want you to buy.

Buying convenience

convenience shopping

When buying is easy, people buy more. Easier is to spend money, more likely person spends it. Companies understood this and made a lot of convenience features so buyer can instantly and easily buy before they start thinking and change their mind.

Internet search history

track and sell marketing

When you use internet and search for anyone or anything and anywhere. Everything is tracked and kept record of.

Database of customers search history is created and people are always under watch by big companies to keep track of what people search on internet.

Based on search history and search behaviour of person companies use and choose the data and content and advertisents shown to the individuals to influence them to buy.

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