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21 signs of manipulative relationship

21 signs of manipulative relationship

manipulative relationship

When you get in a relationship, sometimes you know the persons and sometimes not really.

Sometimes you know some aspects of your partner’s personality and sometimes you know most aspects of your partner’s personality but you choose to focus on only positive ones by ignoring wrong signals.

Although a relationship starts with lots of loving, warm, romantic feeling and trust for each other, often person can try to hide their negative traits or the partner fails to see them initially.

This can lead to trouble in relationship. One of such highly toxic trait is of being manipulative.

If your partners is manipulative then it is dangerous to your mental health, your relationship, and ability to live your life peacefully. Which can end in a bad way. It is better to know if your partner is manipulative or not and act accordingly in a relationship.

Here are signs which indicated that you are in relationship with a manipulative person.

1 Often getting emotional

A manipulative partner gets angry about small things and cries and throws tantrums even if simple things don’t go their way or if they want to scare you.

2 Playing victim

They always try to show that they are victims even if they are abusers or trouble makers so they can get sympathy so can put the blame on you.

3 Trying to control

You should behave, do things and say things the way he/she wants.

They want to control what you do and interfare in your decisions and try to control you.

4 Lack of trust

They are always ready to doubt you about someone or something.

It is always back of their mind so they are not able to trust you and keep watch on you.

5 Lack of respect

A manipulative person doesn’t respect you. They respect only their needs which you fulfill. If that is not done there is no respect for you.

You are not able to have personal time and space for yourself which every human needs. They always interfere and try to disturb your peace.

6 Emotional and physical abuse

It is common for manipulative partner to be emotionally abusive and take away peace from your life. When with them, you drain your mental energy.

Although not many manipulative partners are physically abusive but few of them do it to show that they have power over you.

7 Being unpredictable

They want to know what you do, watch, listen to, talk to or meet but they are sneaky and unpredictable with their actions. Sometimes they might not even care about you and sometimes they care too much.

8 Fake behaviour

As a manipulative person is not in love with you but has to fulfill their needs from you, they act fake and show fake love, respect, and care and sometimes can behave too good to be true.

9 Can’t listen to no

When they ask you anything, they already have an answer in mind and if they want you to keep saying yes to many things then they want it else they get upset and can’t handle no as an answer.

10 Expectations From you

Manipulative person is with you for their selfish reasons but unlike any other partner they have too many or unfair expectations from you.

11 The partner asks to prove your love

Although they don’t really love you, they demand love and you need to constantly prove your love towards them.

12 Gaslighting

You are often looked down in a relationship.

Even if it is the mistake of a partner they blame you by telling you your mistakes or highlighting faults in your personality. They make you feel less of yourself and often say things that low down your self esteem. This way manipulative partner makes you think that you are the weak link in the relationship.

13 Harmful Jokes

They want to say things to you that you don’t want to hear.

They know if they say it, you will get upset. But to disrespect you or to hurt you indirectly, they say nasty things in the name of jokes so they can say and get away with it.

14 Selfishly needy

When he/she wants something. It is their right to ask for it and get it from you. You must fulfill their needs.

But when it comes to your needs they are not that important and manipulative partners don’t care to fulfill them and don’t take them seriously.

15 Partner makes you doubt yourself

You don’t feel comfortable with yourself. They constantly question yout thoughts or behaviour. Which keeps making you doubt yourself even if you are right or nothing is wrong.

16 Comparing yourself with others

You may try your best in relationship but it is never enough.

Your partner keeps showing you what you lack and keeps comparing you with other people.

17 Speaks in extreme side

A manipulative partner is not good communicator.

They don’t want to listen a what you say and don’t care about your side of the story. But If you oppose their thought, idea, or behaviour, they go to extreme and overreact to things and create drama.

18 No empathy for you

They don’t care for you, your problems, your struggles, or your goals or ambitions.

They just care to get what they want from you.

They have no empathy for you.

19 Possessive

He/ she is possessive about you and wants to have authority over you even if there is no reason at all to be possessive.

20 Your parents or best friend don’t like her

When you start your relationship, your parents or best friend finds a red signal that you are not able to see. They might even tell you about it but you may ignore it.

21 You feel it in your gut

If you have strong intuition you know it and you can catch the gut feelings. If you are more compulsive and mentally not at ease you may feel in the gut that something seems wrong but you ignored it. If you learn to pay attention to gut feeling then you can sence it.

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