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13 reasons some people don’t follow corona(COVID19) lockdown.

13 reasons some people don't follow corona(COVID19) lockdown.

corona COVID19

In March and April 2020 corona virus pandemic has spread over the whole world killing lakhs of humans and affecting the life of multi-billion population of the world.
Many country governments have understood the deadly nature of COVID19 and imposed social distancing and lockdown in their countries to contain the virus spread as there is no cure for it.
Although the majority of population following corona lockdown and social distancing in countries worldwide, some part of the population is been seen not following guidelines, rules or


These are the reasons why someone may not follow lockdown.


1 Lack of awareness
Although technology has reached almost every house, some people still not aware of the situation as they are just busy with their life.

2 Not understanding the seriousness of the situation

Some people understand that something is not going well but they do not understand how serious is the situation and if not tackled right way, it can become even devastating.

3 Shortage of necessities

Many people in the world are poor and do not have enough resources, food, money and necessary things to carry a life when workplaces are closed and income is stopped.

4 Careless attitude

Some people know it and understand it but they do not care much.
They think it is happening to others. Others are falling seek, others are dying.
But they do not understand that they or their family members can also get infected and die.

5 Selfish attitude
Some people do not care if others get infected or die. They are ok as long as they are safe.

6 Disturbed daily routine

People are so used to their daily routine that if they don’t do things they always do or follow a routine, they feel uncomfortable.

7 Lack of flexibility in life and discomfort

Some people like routine but they can make own new routines and start following them.
But a certain type of people do not like any change in their life and they just want to live the same life they been living as they are familiar to it.

8 Not comfortable with restrictions

Many people just do not like restrictions. If you tell them that you can not do something then they want to do that thing.

9 Bad relationships

When someone is in lockdown with people they don’t like or don’t feel comfortable with then person wants to spend time away from them. Hence they disobey lockdown to find some space.

10 Loneliness

Not everyone is living with loved ones or family during corona pandemic lockdown. Some people feel lonely in their life and when they are restricted even more they do not feel like following those restrictions and try to find ways to be with someone.

11 Unhappy in life
If person is unhappy then anyway they are not in good terms with their life so they do not care about lockdown as it is not making them happy in any way. Staying alive and safe and not affecting others is more important for them in current situation but mentally they are not in a good state to understand that.

12 Wrong information or sociopath mindset

In the times of technology and social media, it is hard to decide what to be true and what is not and not everyone has capacity and intelligence to get right information and act on it.
Some people might think pandemic is just made up thing by governments to put restrictions on people.

On the other hand, few people could just have wrong intentions and on purpose not following lockdown and do not care if they die and even spread the virus with cruel behaviour everywhere carelessly.

13 Idiots

These people are just someone with low intelligence and lack of smartness who just live their life for the sake of living and have no sense of doing things.

If you are not any of this type of people and obeyed corona pandemic lockdown and social distancing then I would like to thank you and compliment you for being human and behaving like a human. But at the same time we have to show empathy for some people who are stuck in this situation and very badly getting affected by it.

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